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DataAnalytics4All is a freelancing consulting data analytics service specialized in helping small and larger businesses and organizations. We provide predictive (forecasting) and prescriptive (optimizations and simulations) analysis to develop a strategic plan, secondary study or for reference - all based on customer's data.
Predictive and prescriptive analytics is a part of the "BigData" industry and rests upon machine learning algorithms used for data analysis. Created on the base of input data the mathematical models allow to detect frauds in the data, can find patterns and interconnections between features inside the data sets.
The mathematical modelling allows small enterprises to discover existing potentials when creating a development plan for customer business. Looking into the business data, one can accomplish assumed goals in the future. Using your data you can better adopt your products or services to your clients, having limited resources you can spend your working time on the most promising prospects.

The predictive and prescriptive analysis allows to:


the complex connections between features in the business data


with certain probability the next event


a strategy by modification of input parameters


a company's management style

Data Science is our area.
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About Company

Data Analytics For All is the easiest way for an enterprise who asks how to improve the business. We can: forecast sales, predict a price of ordered products, increase revenue, detect frauds and anomalies, create data-driven solutions in a business environment, provide analysis on a requested conditions.

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