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Application Examples

  • Shops and Wholesales

    • forecasting of sales using data about promotions, competitions, holidays and seasonal trends,
    • prediction of the price for parts supplied from different vendors using detailed data for ordered parts,
    • increasing revenue by optimization of buckets of merchandise.

  • IT divisions, data centers

    • fraud detection in an hardware infrastructure using log files and databases,
    • improvement of efficiency of computing and storage power by optimization of distributed resource management systems (batch systems),
    • forecasting resource planning for XaaS (X as a Service) and Virtual Machines,
    • optimization of cooling plant system and power management.

  • (small) IT Data Solutions

    designing of infrastructure, database platform, and software for a suitable IT Data Infrastructure.

  • Other Organizations

    The machine learning algorithms can be applied not only to the business applications but also in more research-oriented environments.
    Examples of such developments can be found in medicine, analysis of social behavior and everywhere where data-driven solutions are applicable. We are willing to make an analysis on your specific conditions. Just contact us and we will find out if we can help.

About Company

Data Analytics For All is the easiest way for an enterprise who asks how to improve the business. We can: forecast sales, predict a price of ordered products, increase revenue, detect frauds and anomalies, create data-driven solutions in a business environment, provide analysis on a requested conditions.

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Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Predictive Customer Analytics, Prescriptive Analysis, Prescriptive Customer Analytics, Mathematical Modeling, Data Analysis, Knowledge Discovery, Machine Learning, Factorization, Clustering, Pattern Recognition, Regression, Decision Trees, Decision Support, Gradient Boosting, Classification, Forecasting, Optimization, Trends, Feature Interconnections

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