Our Work

Cooperation with our clients is always individual. Each project is unique.

How do we work ?

Usually, the cooperation includes

  • consultations, to discuss:
    • what the client would like to develop, explain, understand or predict,
    • what kind of data are available,
    • preparation of a concluding question, e.g. the final goal of the data analysis,
  • pilot solution: a creation of a test model which can be validated on the existing data and tested on a new set of data,
  • final realization: preparation of tools which can be used on demand in daily business operations or on a regular basis using old and newly created data.
The project is flexibly developed and uses multiple interactive steps until the desired result is achieved.
The cost of our service depends on a project. The first stage is free of charge, unless obvious travel and communicational expenses are involved.

forecasting business activity

this area is especially important for enterprises involved in merchandise creation, selling or providing services with limited manpower/resources. Knowing the forecasted results you can better organize your current efforts increasing your revenue

increasing of resource efficiency

by reduction of over- and under-allocation risk and wasting resources during non-peaked time periods

importance of features

analysis of components in your business data: knowing the goal, you can find out which parts of your data are the most important to reach it

customer scoring and adaptation

it allows for selection of the most profiting group of clients and measures a distance between your business activity and the acrual customer needs.

What benefits could you get ?

  • optimization of your decisions in case of existence of multiple choices or/and limited amount of resources,
  • decreasing of decision's costs by limiting them to those which have higher chances to succeed,
  • monitoring of your business trend by forecasting your activity,
  • increase of your revenue by selling more with lower costs.

What we cannot do !

We do not have a cristall ball. Therefore it is not possible to predict the future exactly.
There are no predicting methods which are 100% accurate. However, using mathematics, we are able to transform future business uncertainties into handy probabilities, significantly mitigating your risks.

About Company

Data Analytics For All is the easiest way for an enterprise who asks how to improve the business. We can: forecast sales, predict a price of ordered products, increase revenue, detect frauds and anomalies, create data-driven solutions in a business environment, provide analysis on a requested conditions.

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